CEO’s Message

I warmly welcome you on our website.
CEOOur mission is To help and assist students in finding their goals through study opportunities around the globe.
Today, with the blessing of Almighty Allah, we are a private limited company and the brand name recognized both at national and international level.


Syan Consultants basically provides opportunities to get admission in Medicine and Engineering courses. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council offer admissions to about 10,000 students yearly for MBBS (Bachelor of Clinical Medicine) studies in Pakistan But every year more than 1,50,000 Pakistani students apply for MBBS (Medicine) studies and majority of the students fails to get admission inside Pakistan because of limited seats, So in this situation Syan Consultants is a big hope for Pakistani students who want to become a doctor or engineer.


Syan Consultants offers placements in Chinese Government universities for medicine and engineering courses for Pakistani students as will for other nationals. Our mission is to provide the career counseling for the youth, guidance in planning their futures and to provide quality of service for Pakistani students all over the world.


I understand that your aspiration for higher studies abroad is for a variety of reasons to improve career prospects, possible immigration, job satisfaction, for intellectual challenges and to pursue long standing interests etc. At Syan Consultants, we have built considerable flexibility into our whole process so that career selection and proper guidance for you becomes easy when you interact with our experienced counselors/team members. Syan Consultants promises to hold the hands of young and ambitious students, professionals and migrants and helps them walk their way to success.


I wish to extend my thanks to all those who continue to support us in our mission.

Adeel Saqib