International Medical University (IMU)

Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country and former Soviet Republic, bordered by Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It’s known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and Mediterranean. Bishkek a major city of the route, contains a landmark of Islamic architecture. The climate of Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental with hot summers and cold winters.

International Medical University (IMU) located in Bishkek, capital city of Kyrgyzstan. It was founded on 3 August 2006 as Academy of Innovative Technologies, undergone through different phases of development and awarded University title in July 2016.

Approved by WHO (World Health Organization and World Directory of Medicine Schools) Graduates of this University can apply for Physician (MBBS Doctor) license exam of Pakistan Medical Dental Council (PMDC).

  • One year University Tuition fee: 3200 US$ = 5,12,000 Rupees per year
  • One year Accommodation fee: 600 US$ = 96,000 Rupees
  • Student can pay fee semester wise in installments as follow. (5 years = 10 semesters)


Expenses of First Semester

  • University tuition fee 1600 US$ Accommodation fee 300 US$
  • Accommodation fee 300 US$
  • Visa extension fee 100 US$ per year Medical test +insurance 55 US$
  • Medical test +insurance 55 US$

ONE Time miscellaneous expenses after arrival in Kyrgyzstan: 450 US$ (including registration fee, translation of high school certificates, equivalency & notarization)

Admission Procedure

Application fee 100 US$ (16,000 Rupees)

  • Copies of mark sheets of Matric & intermediate
  • Application Form
  • 8 Photo (white back ground)

After submitting these documents, Student will get admission letter within 10 days.​

Required for visa approval letter from Kyrgyzstan Government:

  • Passport copy
  • Medical Test: Heptites B&C, HIV,
  • Syphilis (G6Pd), ECG, Chest X-ray, Blood Group

Company service charges & Visa approval letter = 500 US$ (80,000 Rupees)

After getting visa approval letter:
Matric & Intermediate mark sheets (Attested by IBCC & Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Police Character Certificate (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Foreign admin fee 650 US$ (104,000 Rupees)

Total Expenses including (EXPESES IN in Kyrgyzstan + PAKISTAN)

Admission + visa Approval letter + Company service charges + foreign admin fee + university fee + accommodation fee + registration + translation of high school certificates, equivalency & notarization + physical examination + visa extension = 3755 US$ (6,00,000 Rupees) + ticket
First year students are required to pay 70 US$ (11000 Rupees) to immigration after arrival at Bishkek Airport.

Expenses for 2nd Semester to onward

University tuition fee 1600 US$/semester (256,000 Rupees)
Accommodation fee 300 US$/ semester (48000 rupees)
Total: 2nd to 10th Semester 1900 US$ (3,04,000 Pupees) per semester
2nd year to Final year student is required to pay 100 US$ (16000 Rupees) per year for visa extension and 55 US$ (8800 Rupees) for medical test & insurance.

Food expenses : 1000 US$ per year (3 times a day)